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NEAR E 314 A: The Archeology of Early Islam

Meeting Time: 
TTh 3:30pm - 5:20pm
DEN 259
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Stephanie Selover
Stephanie Selover

Syllabus Description:

NEAR E 314 : ARCHY 369 Syllabus.pdf

An introduction to the archaeology of Early Islam, from 632 to ~1000 CE. This course does not seek to be a history of Islam, nor to cover all the areas of early Islamic conquest.  Instead, four areas will be studied in greater depths, to better understand the cultural and social effects of early Islam upon different regions.  The course will study the rise (and, in some cases fall), of Islam in Arabia, Syria/Iraq, Egypt and Spain/Morocco.  Students will become acquainted with key archaeological sites, as well as the history of the field in these regions. We will study the architecture and material cultures affected by the rise of Islam.  The place of archaeological understanding alongside historical investigation will be an important aspect of this course. Students should leave the class acquainted with the archaeological narrative accompanying the history of early Islamic civilization.


Students can enroll in either ARCHY 369 or NEAR E 314. Both designations for the same course, cross-listed across departments.

Catalog Description: 
Introduction to the archaeology of early Islam, from 632 to 1000 CE with the study of the rise (and occasional fall) of Islam in Arabia, Egypt, and Spain/Portugal through a survey of the local architecture and material culture. Students study key archaeological sites and histories of these regions.
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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