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MODHEB 521 A: Intermediate Modern Hebrew

TTh 9:30am - 11:20am / SAV 139
F 10:30am - 11:20am / SAV 162
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Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz
Hadar Khazzam-Horovitz

Syllabus Description:

שלום וברוכים הבאים לקורס עברית מודרנית למתקדמים סתיו 2021
The sequence MODHEB 201, 202, 203 is a full year of intermediate Modern Hebrew designed to enhance the students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension skills in Hebrew. In addition, the course enriches the grasp of the fundamental structure of the language, and explores its practical communication via short texts, songs, newspaper articles, movies and more. In fall 2021, we will have hybrid course in which both synchronous and asynchronous formats will be used. Class will meet once a week in person, once a week via Zoom video conferencing and once a week asynchronously with content offered online for eleven weeks, and will complete textbook Shalom 2 & chapter 2 in our textbook - Shalom 3.

Course Information & Online Resources

The plan is to meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:30-11:20 am (Seattle time) either in person or via Zoom video conferencing. Fridays will be used to review and work on online content or other projects asynchronously. You are required to have access to our course Canvas web-page, classroom and to our virtual meeting space which will be conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing (Links to an external site.).

I will be distributing a conference ID which will allow you to join our online session. Access to both Canvas and Zoom is necessary for completing readings and homework assignments and for earning participation points.


Types of Communication

During the online course, our communication will be visible to all. For private communication, we will use individual email and Zoom office hours.

In Person & Online Course Policies

  Expectations of students:

  • Come to class fully prepared.
  • Attend all online sessions and actively participate in the forum.
  • Complete assignments on time. If difficulties turn up (such as illness, caring for others who are ill, technological problems, working from home where children need attention, etc.), let me know. We will figure out what to do to keep your learning on track.
  • Abide by the standards of academic honesty and student code of conduct.
  • Seek help. I’ll do my best to help you succeed in this class.
  • Have access to a camera and audio. The expectation is that you will be  visible/audible to me and to your classmates, but you can control those options. If you are not feeling well and want to listen in but not speak up or be seen, we will accommodate those circumstances. And, if the servers/processors/whatevers are overburdened and the video is slowing down or disrupting our communication, we'll adapt as necessary to those circumstances.
  • I do not plan to record Zoom sessions. 


Course Etiquette:

  • Get to class on time. Test your camera and audio prior to class time.
  •  In general, it is good policy to "mute" yourself during a Zoom meeting, until you are ready to speak to the entire group. Keep phones and other devices from making background noise or disruption.
  • Respect each other.


Course Material: 

1) Textbook: Shalom 2 & Shalom 3: A comprehensive course in Modern Hebrew – שלום ג & שלום ב, Orly & Shalom Shoer. This textbook is accompanied by a website available at

2) Course packet.  

3) Quizlet - online learning tool, which includes class related activities and flashcards with all the vocabulary. 

4) Online dictionary available at:  


Complete copy of the syllabus: syllabus fall 2021.pdf 

Prerequisites MODHEB 103 or permission of the instructor.

This course counts for VLPA credit.
Catalog Description: 
Readings of selected texts in modern Hebrew with continuing emphasis on grammar, syntax, composition, and conversation. Prerequisite: either MODHEB 511 or MODHEB 515.
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