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Endowed Turkish Lecturer Fund

Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program aims to establish an endowed Lectureship position that will preserve the instruction of Turkish language and culture and will support a distinguished faculty member in their pursuit of excellence in scholarly research, teaching, and outreach.

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 Endowed Lecturer Position

  • The University of Washington is among the very few institutions in the country which provide instruction in Turkish at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced level on a regular basis.  Due to Congress’ deep cuts to international education funding, including support for the less commonly taught languages such as Turkish, outside support is crucial to securing UW’s role as a preeminent institution for the study of Turkey. An endowed lectureship will ensure continuity for instruction in Turkish language and culture in perpetuity.

  • This endowed position will represent an investment in the Program by individuals and organizations that support our distinguished faculty member in her pursuit of excellence in scholarly research, teaching, and outreach.

Why donate?

  • To increase knowledge and awareness of Turkey through research, teaching, and intellectual exchange. Learning the Turkish language not only encourages students to gain an immersive, more empathetic understanding of Turkish culture, but also prepares them for a better understanding of Turkey and its neighboring countries.

  • To help preserve the Turkish heritage in WA state, as this important initiative will greatly benefit UW students and academicians as well as Turkish American Community in Seattle. It is important for Turkish American children to participate fully in American society but also to develop their personal and community potential through a fully actualized linguistic and cultural identity and from within their own Turkish context.

  • For our program to continue doing good in Turkish American community for many years to come.

  • To enrich intellectual and community life of Turkish Americans in Pacific Northwest.

  • To sustain our students, faculty, and program for years to come.

  • To donate in honor or memory of someone which creates a legacy for you and for UW Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program students and faculty. 

What is an endowment? How does it work?

  • Endowment gifts are invested in the University’s Consolidated Endowment Fund, which combines assets for investment purposes. Each named endowment retains its own purpose and account (budget number), by which the UW tracks growth in principal and distributions.

  • We invest gifts to endowed funds and spend a portion of the income earned from the investment each year. The rest is added to the original principal, which continues to grow, extending the impact of your support into the future.

  • An endowed lectureship is usually named by the donor and is held by a faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional teaching skills and insightful knowledge of subject matter.