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NELC Digital: Research Projects

NELC faculty and students are engaged in a wide array of digital humanities research projects.

Baki manuscript illustration of two men
Mahmud AbdulBaki (1526-1600) wrote poetry under the penname Baki (Bāḳī = the Enduring) during the reigns of 4 Ottoman sultans.  As the acclaimed “Sultan of Poets” during the so-called “Golden Age” of Ottoman literature, Baki’s influence as a poet echoed down through the centuries.  He was also a regular guest at the salons and private entertainments of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent (reigned 1520-1566) and a noted scholar and jurist who rose to become the Chief Magistrate of the European... Read more
Egyptian ruins
Emma B. Andrews is best remembered for her association with the millionaire lawyer turned archaeologist/art and antiquities collector, Theodore M. Davis. Traveling to Egypt with him between 1889 and 1912, she kept detailed journals of these voyages along the Nile, including his important yet under-reported excavations of 20 significant tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Emma provides a vital commentary on the archaeology and pioneering Egyptologists of the time. She paints a revealing picture of... Read more
This project is supporting Nowf Allawi, an Iraqi researcher living in Baghdad, in her creation of a text and translation of a late nineteenth century travel diary written in Arabic by a native English speaker living in Baghdad. Because of the present conditions in Iraq, the team will help Ms. Allawi with the creation of a tagged digital Arabic script transcription of the diary, a translation edited and formatted for print publication, and research on the the notes and glossary. PIs: Nowf Allawi... Read more