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"A Piece of Germany," and a Panel Discussion with Ela Elisabeth Beken, Münir Nurettin Beken, Reşat Kasaba, Selim Kuru and Niko Switek moderated by Şirin Aysan

Submitted by Selim S. Kuru on November 7, 2018 - 6:05pm
a piece of germany 2017
A Piece of Germany
67 minutes, 2017
 November 13, 2018
Tuesday 6:30 PM
Thomson Hall 101
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

NELC Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program and Jackson School of International Studies collaborates with the Seattle Turkish Film Festival for the screening of A Piece of Germany, a documentary film by Ela Elisabeth Beken. The film will be followed by a panel with director Beken, composer for the film Münir Nurettin Beken (UCLA), Reşat Kasaba (JSIS), Selim S. Kuru (NELC), and Niko Switek (JSIS). Panelists will discuss identity belonging and the impact of identity on socio-economic outcomes.  The panel will be moderated by Şirin Aysan.

“In 2018, Germany is still having trouble integrating the third generation of Turkish immigrants while Turkey is dealing with its own version of immigration crisis: Hosting over three million Syrian refugees. Leaving your home is never an easy decision and integration to your adopted country can define your )and your family's) future.  A Piece of Germany” is a poetic documentary film. In 1984, German government started a program called “Return Assistance Act” in which they offered financial aid to encourage immigrant families to move back to their homeland. As some families were happy to go back to their country of origin, their German born children were leaving the only home they have ever known. The director embarks on a journey, 27 years later, to find the children whose parents made the irreversible decision on their behalf.

Seattle Turkish Film Festival is celebrating its 6th year with 12 films, including a show of 10 shorts, which are the STTF Shorts 2018 Competition finalists. The festival hosts directors and actors from the films scheduled. For the program and more information see STFF web-site.

This event is organized by STFF. The event is free with student ID, otherwise tickets are required. For ticket information click on the following link: