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June 1, 2020
Selim S. Kuru-- Walter G. Andrews, Research Professor Emeritus of Turkish and Ottoman Studies, died on May 31, 2020 at the age of 81.  He was one of the founding faculty members of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (NELC) at the University of Washington, an original and engaging scholar, translator of Ottoman and Turkish poetry, innovative educator and mentor, who has been a pillar for not only our Department, but also a wide network of colleagues, students, and... Read more
hebrew meter
July 13, 2020
Prof. Naomi Sokoloff published a piece for the Jewish Book Council's "Paper Brigade Daily" titled "What Poets Write About When They Write About Hebrew" focusing on a selection of verses in translation from Hebrew that comment on the Hebrew language. The piece looks at Jews with different backgrounds as well as Arab citizens of Israel expressing their relationship to the Hebrew language... Read more
Bardia Cyrus's Son
June 29, 2020
 On June 7th 2020, NELC PISP-Roshan Fellow Mindy Cohoon (University of Washington, PhD Candidate of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Washington)  and Victoria Rahbar (Graduate student at Stanford University’s Center for East Asian Studies), presented at the Right to Left (RTL) Workshop held by the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the... Read more
nelc denny hall
June 29, 2020
To our students of color: we recognize and share your pain and anguish caused by ongoing struggles for racial justice in the United States. We must name the problem with integrity and honesty: we are battling institutional racism that has been with us in different forms since the inception of our country. Policing is just one form of institutional racism in this country. On that front, we join our ... Read more
Bret Windhauser Profile Photo
June 13, 2020
Bret Windhauser is the second of two master's students graduating from the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department.  As a NELC student, Windhauser studied Arabic, modern Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Hebrew, and Ge'ez.  He additionally used a BA in French as his research language.  In Spring Quarter of 2020, Windhauser successfully defended his thesis entitled "Pushing Borders: Smuggling Against Policy in Israel/Palestine." His thesis investigated SIM card and food smuggling networks... Read more
Harvard's Center of Middle Eastern Studies program logo
June 10, 2020
Two recent UW history majors that studied Middle Eastern languages in the NELC department were accepted into prestigious graduate schools for the Fall 2020 semester.  Dutton Crowley and Bennett Jarvis will both study topics in the field of Middle Eastern Studies, continuing their research from the University of Washington.   Dutton Crowley, class of 2019, will begin a master's program in Middle Eastern Studies through Harvard's Center of Middle Eastern Studies.  Crowley, who studied Persian in... Read more
Erin Kelleher profile photo
June 6, 2020
Erin Kelleher is one of two Master's students graduating from the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department.  Prior to her arrival at the University of Washington, Kelleher received a BA in History with a minor in Arabic at the University of Delaware.  While in the NELC program, she honed her language skills and continued to study her research interest on the development of Egyptian print media.  For her NELC degree, Kelleher... Read more
Since 1948 Book Cover
June 6, 2020
The Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department would like to celebrate Professor Naomi Sokoloff, Director of Modern Hebrew and Israel Studies Program, for her forthcoming work, Since 1948: Israeli Literature in the Making. Professor Sokoloff co-edited the book with Professor Nancy Berg from... Read more
Picture of NELC Student Piper Coyner
May 26, 2020
The community that I found through NELC afforded me a sense of purpose and belonging that made me feel unique and cared for amongst a sea of undergraduates. During the 2020 Winter Quarter, the University of Washington Undergraduate Academic Affairs office announced that undergraduate Near Eastern Languages and Civilization major Piper Coyner would receive one of the three distinguished President's Medals.  As the freshman medalist winner, Coyner's first-year achievements, highly rigorous... Read more
Dr. Aria Fani
May 17, 2020
A new article by Dr. Aria Fani appeared in the Iranian Studies journal's recent issue. The article is titled ... Read more