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Meghan Sayres, Streetwise Istanbul Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program
April 11, 2018
Streetwise Istanbul: Seeing Other as Self Meghan Sayres April 24, 2018 Tuesday 3:30 PM Denny Hall 211 University of Washington Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program presents a slide show. Streetwise Istanbul is a collaboration between an American author and Turkish photographer featuring images, stories and wisdom of everyday people who make a living on both sides of the Bosporus, and to whom Istanbul owes its color and vibrancy. Quotes and anecdotes offering glimpses into the hearts and minds... Read more
Walter, Hannah and Jion at Reed College
April 4, 2018
The two-day conference brought together faculty, librarians, and instructional technologists to share collaborative strategies for cultivating student engagement with data and digital resources. On March 15, the NELC-sponsored Newbook project represented the University of Washington with a presentation entitled: "Newbook Digital Texts: New Models for Digital Scholarship and Undergraduate... Read more
Brophy, NELC, Near Eastern Languages and Civilziation, Uyghurs, Central Eurasian Studies, Turkic, University of Washignton
March 22, 2018
NOTE THE ROOM CHANGE: THIS LECTURE WILL BE IN ALLEN AUDITORIUM ISLAM & UYGHUR NATIONALISM  in the Early Twentieth Century   David Brophy, University of Sydney   Wednesday, March 28, 2018 2:30 PM Allen Auditorium   David Brophy’s Uyghur Nation: Reform and Revolution on the Russia-China Frontier (Harvard University Press, 2016) is a detailed archival study of the Russia-China borderlands in the late Qing and early Republic, and the emergence of a Uyghur national... Read more
Hebrew, Hebrew language, Naomi Sokoloff, Nancy E. Berg, NELC, University of Washington, Near Eastern Languages and Civilization.
March 22, 2018
Naomi B. Sokoloff co-edited with Prof. Nancy E. Berg (Washington University) a volume of articles that celebrates the vibrancy of Hebrew language with the purpose of conveying the challenges and joys of being a Hebraist in America in the twenty-first century. The volume follows up on the 2016 Stroum Center for Jewish Studies Conference "Hebrew and the Humanities: Present Tense" that was organized by Prof. Sokoloff... Read more
Nowruz, UW, NELC, Persian, Iranian, Radio Iranshahr
March 22, 2018
Radio Iranshahr recently launched with the initial collaboration of Seattle, Maryland, Orange County, Washington D.C. and Virginia. One of their early coverage is on University of Washington inaugural Nowruz celebration that was sponsored by NELC Iranian and Persian Studies Program and organized by a wonderful committee of community members under the leadership of Ali Afrassiabi and Roy... Read more
Samad Alavi Afshin Sepehri Feathers of Fire Meany Center University of Washington
March 22, 2018
On March 14, Assistant Professor Samad Alavi and NELC Persian and Iranian Studies Program Advisory Board member Dr. Afshin Sepehri presented a very well attended pre-show talk at the Meany Hall. The pre-show talk is presented by Meany Center Director of Artistic Engagement, Elizabeth C. Duffell. Feathers of Fire tells the magical tale of star-crossed lovers Zaul and Rudabeh from the 10th-century Persian epic Shahnameh (The Book of Kings). This all-ages adventure... Read more
NELC Jewish and Hebrew Studies Program UW Naomi Sokoloff
March 21, 2018
On the occasion of Israel at 70, Prof. Naomi Sokoloff (UW) and Prof. Nancy Berg (Washington University) are organizing a conference that aims to summarize, appraise, and re-evaluate the first seventy years of Israeli literature.  In the late twentieth century there emerged a generally accepted historiography and a shared conversation about Israeli writing.  In more recent decades, however, an explosion of creativity has altered the scene. New voices have proliferated since the 1990s, along with... Read more
Sharzad Shams Near Eastern Languages and Civilization University of Washington Persian and Iranian Studies Program
March 21, 2018
Whole U introduces NELC Persian and Iranian Studies lecturer Shahrzad Shams on their ongoing Faculty Friday series with a description of the first annual UW Nowruz Celebration on March 17, 2018
Ece Temelkuran on her novel The Time of Muted Swans Turkish and Ottoman Studies Program at the UW Near Eastern Languages and Civilization Department
March 21, 2018
Saturday May 12th, 7:00 PM Kane Hall Room 220 University of Washington Turkish novelist, journalist and activist Ece Temelkuran discusses her recent novel Time of Muted Swans. The story is set in Turkey's capital Ankara and in the last three months of the 1980 coup d'etat; a time Temelkuran envisions as the beginning of the end of democracy her country is currently suffering. In light of Turkey's political environmend, Temelkuran would like to meet with Turkish and American audiences where she... Read more
Mehmet Kentel does a historical archaeology of Pera
March 21, 2018
In the Days of Glory and Urinal: Late Ottoman Pera and the 21st Century Memory K. Mehmet Kentel Friday, Apr. 27 at 3:30pm Denny Hall, Room 211 University of Washington Either as a cosmopolitan sanctuary or as a hotbed of depravity, the memory of fin-de-siècle Pera in Istanbul, Turkey, has been narrated as an exception to the larger story of Istanbul's modernization. Especially in the recent years, when the urban space of Beyoğlu has increasingly become a very contentious topic within... Read more