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kaptiejns somalia nelc uw
November 6, 2019
By Ellen Rachel Perleberg, a NELC senior student who is actively involved in Newbook Digital Texts' Svoboda Diaries Project.  On October 14th, Lidwien Kapteijns, a scholar of Somali and African history at Wellesley College, gave a talk entitled “History and Song: The (Long) Somali Sixties in Historical Context.” The talk was the second presentation in the... Read more
cadilar karagoz walter
October 31, 2019
NELC shares with you "the Witches," a traditional Turkish shadow theater play performed in English translation to add some good fun to your Halloween. NELC Professor Walter Andrews has always been after spooky projects. In 1980s he developed a project titled "Turkish Shadow Puppet Theater: A Window on Turkey". It was a curriculum... Read more
nelc Prof. Jere Bacharach Presentation on Fustat
October 14, 2019
On October 2, Dr. Jere Bacharach, professor emeritus of history at UW, gave a public lecture through the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) called, “Excavating Fustat, Cairo, Egypt.” The lecture introduced both the history of excavation at the site in Fustat as well as the findings of the excavations. By Erin Kelleher, NELC MA student. Erin works on Near and Middle Eastern intellectual history Professor Bacharach explained first that Fustat was continuously occupied from pre-... Read more
Scott Noegel Delivers U-Wisconsin-Milwaukee Commencement Address
October 7, 2019
Professor Scott Noegel was awarded with an Honorary Ph.D. in Letters (2016) from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for “significant contributions in the field of Ancient and Near Eastern Languages andCultures” and for his “extraordinary reputation as a highly distinguished scholar, a respectedartist, and community supporter.” This was the first honorary Ph.D. given by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to any of its alumni.  Professor Noegel was also honored by being offered to deliver... Read more
dinar of abd al-malik
September 26, 2019
by Jere Bacharach NELC is thankful to Prof. Bacharach for sharing this list of extensive resources on our web-site. Prof. Bacharach will be presenting a talk titled "Medieval Cairo: Its History and Finds" on October 2, 2019 at the University of Washington [7-8:30 PM, Thomson 101]. This talk is organized by... Read more
aria fani nelc pisp persian iranian studies
September 5, 2019
NELC welcomes Aria Fani as Assistant Professor of Persian and Iranian Studies to its faculty. Aria received his BA in Comparative Literature from the San Diego State University and a PhD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. He submitted his dissertation titled "Becoming Literature: The Formation of Adabiyat as a Discipline in Iran and Afghanistan (1895-1945)" in August 2019.  Aria's research focuses on the development of literature as an institution as it... Read more
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July 10, 2019
The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project - Interdisciplinarity, Collaboration, and Digital Humanities       The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project began in 2011 as an effort by NELC's Dr. Sarah. Ketchley to transcribe the unpublished travel journals kept by the mistress of an early excavator in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Mrs. Emma B. Andrews' writings are a unique record of the early history of Egyptology, Nile travel, tourism and society in turn of the century Egypt... Read more
NELC conference room full of students, faculty and staff at the reception
June 12, 2019
The NELC Department's Conference Room, Denny Hall 211, hosted the end of the academic year reception organized by the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Near and Middle Eastern in Graduate School (NMES) to celebrate student and faculty achievements and meet fellow colleagues.   The Middle East Center (JSIS), NELC, and NMES programs met in Denny Hall and discussed projects, classes, and research between programs and encourage cooperation across the units before the summer term begins.   The heads... Read more
Photo of a copy of the Quran in Arabic, one in English, and the Jewish Tanakh in both Hebrew and English
June 3, 2019
Mira Weimer is a NELC major graduating this year.  She studies the Arabic language, and following graduation, she will return to Berkeley, California, to cook at Chez Panisse restaurant Mira Weimer's senior essay is a sort of synthesis of the books, topics, and themes that she has focused on while studying in the NELC department of UW. Under the guided supervision of Professor Hamza Zafer, her essay looks at archetypal themes of prophecy, focusing primarily on prophecy in the Hebrew... Read more
Erika  with her sister Zoraida and Professor Walter Andrews at the Husky 100 reception
May 17, 2019
“I feel like it’s cliche to say that, but when I contacted Walter to be a part of this project, I didn’t think I’d stay this long or learn this much about it. I knew I wanted to do research, and this project influenced so much of what I did.” The Svoboda Diaries Project’s very own Erika Arias was honored as one of the 2019 Husky 100, an award recognizing 100 students across disciplines for innovative and inspiring work “making the most of their time at UW.” This is the third year of the Husky... Read more