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Hebrew Bible & Ancient Near Eastern Studies (HBANES)

Scott Noegel
Scott Noegel, Director, HBANES

Welcome to Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (HBANES). The HBANES Program offers a diverse array of topical courses in translation on biblical and other ancient Near Eastern topics. Because the Program's courses are often cross-listed and the requirements are flexible, HBANES majors often double major in History, Classics, Jewish Studies, or Comparative Religion.

HBANES also offers a two-year sequence in biblical Hebrew language. The inductive method that we employ allows students to read from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) alone already by the end of the second quarter of the first year. Thereafter students take courses on biblical Hebrew prose texts, biblical poetry, and ancient inscriptions. The final quarter of the second year we typically devote to biblical Aramaic for those who have taken the Hebrew sequence. Periodically we offer courses on hieroglyphic Egyptian, Ugaritic, and Akkadian (the latter two invariably for students who have had at least two years of biblical Hebrew).

For a list of current and upcoming Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies course offerings, please visit this web site.

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