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A Talk on Enderunlu Fazıl’s Hubanname

Enderunlu Fazıl's Istanbul: Istanbul Beyond the Human Mind

Memories of Humankind Seminars

Istanbul Araştırmaları Enstitüsü

19 December 2019 / 18:30 Geçmiş Aktivite

Enderunlu Fazıl (1757?-1810) penned two major works in verse, Hubanname (Book of Beautiful Young Men) and Zenanname (Book of Women): The former sheds light on the 'true' love experienced between two men, and the latter underscores the adverse effects of sexuality, and relations with women. Based on a specific geographic perspective, these works place Istanbul at the center of a region spanning from India to the New World in late eighteenth century. In both texts, the sections on Istanbul, described as a land of unfathomable plenty, feature the most elaborate passages complete with a depiction of the ethnical and religious groups living in the city. In this talk, Kuru will focus on these sections of the works, and share some general insights about Hubanname and Zenanname.

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