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Middle Eastern Studies


  • Paula Holmes-Eber
    Affiliate Professor , Middle East Center, Jackson School of International Studies
  • Resat Kasaba
    Adjunct in NELC , Professor and Director of the Jackson School of International Studies
  • Gary Martin
    Teaching Professor Emeritus
  • Donald M. Reid
    Affiliate in NELC, Emeritus, Department of History
  • Joel Walker
    Adjunct in NELC, Associate Professor, Department of History



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  • Terri DeYoung, "Disguises of the Mind: Recent Palestinian Memoirs" REVIEW OF MIDDLE EAST STUDIES, (April 2017): 5-21. Learn more
  • Terri DeYoung, "Mahfouz's Novels and the Nation," Wail S. Hassan (ed.) and Susan Mu'addi Darraj (ed.), APPROACHES TO TEACHING THE WORKS OF NAGUIB MAHFOUZ, The Modern Language Association of America, 2012 Learn more
  • Andrews, Walter G. "Shards of Love (Book Review)." Edebiyat: Journal Of Middle Eastern Literatures 8, no. 2 (June 1998): 293. Learn more
  • Since 1948: Israeli Literature in the Making, eds. Nancy E. Berg and Naomi B. Sokoloff (SUNY Press, 2020). Learn more
  • “The Qur’an,” (Terri DeYoung co-authored with Ali Atef Mian, University of Florida) for The Wiley Blackwell Companion to World Literature, ed. Ken Seigneurie January 15, 2020 (forthcoming)  Learn more